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My name is Twinney Chapman. I am a fully qualified, Association of Reflexologists insured, holistic therapist. My fascination and interest in the alternative therapies of aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head and hot stones massage spans over 13 years. I am based in Rosemarket, near Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

My experience in complementary therapies began at Pembrokeshire college in the autumn of 1998 when I joined the 2nd year intake of students on a 2 year B.T.E.C. National Diploma in Science and Complementary Therapies Course, qualifying in the summer of 2000.

My qualifications are:

  • Vocational Training and Complementary Therapy National Diploma in Science and Complementary Therapies.
  • Advanced Aromatherapy Diploma (to use 40 essential oils and 10 carrier oils)
  • Reflexology Diploma
  • Association of Reflexologists Practitioners Certificate
  • Vertical reflexology therapy trained (Lynne Booth Method)
  • Indian head massage certification
  • Hot stone massage Spa trained

In addition, I have a background in first aid remedies for acute problems using homeopathy and herbalism.

Currently my work involves treating private clients in my treatment room at home and alternatively visiting clients and carrying out treatments in the comfort of their own homes.

For the last 8 years I have been a practising therapist looking after Parkinson's sufferers and their carers at the "Hope Centre" in Honeyborough, Pembrokeshire.
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    Look to the perfumes of flowers and of nature for peace of mind & joy of life.
    Wang Wei, Eighth Century A. D.


Aromatherapy Massage

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The term "Aromatherapy' refers to the therapeutic use of pure essential oils and carrier oils extracted from plants, trees, and grasses of 1st grade extraction and distillation for use in aromatherapy body massage.

Just 3 essential oils are selected from a range of oils and are blended in small dilutions in a suitable carrier oil (sweet almond) following a consultation that determines the blend a client needs. Working with the chosen oils in the massage works on two levels, it's not simply the scent the oils omit (via the olfactory lobes) that is beneficial but the chemical interaction these oils have on systems and organs of the body once there massaged into the skin and transported throughout the body that has the ability to stimulate or sedate.

Hot Stone Massage

hot stones massage, holistic therapy, haverfordwest, pembrokeshire, rosemarket, twinney chapman
Hot Stone thermogenic massage is carried out with basalt volcanic hot stones. These beautiful stones are smooth and come in various sizes to use on specific areas. Often grey, black or red in colour they are able to retain heat and are placed in a roaster with water and heated to a temperature of 55 degrees celsius, just hot enough to hold in the hand. They are incorporated in the body massage and used in areas that need attention.The combination of heat and light massage strokes not only are very warming and soothing but help to increase circulation, remove toxins and ease tight tense muscles and leave the client feeling very relaxed and calm.

Indian Head Massage

indian head massage, holistic therapy, haverfordwest, pembrokeshire, rosemarket, twinney chapman
Indian head massage has been practised in India for 1000 of years as part of the Ayurvedic Tradition of "mind body spirit healing" as well as families passing the technique of scalp massage on from family to family as a form of home grooming. Now modified and popular here "Indian head massage" is used in complementary practises.

The treatment works on the the top three chakras - Crown, Brow and Throat. The massage involves the concentration of movements gently applied to the head, neck and shoulders and tops of arms. This treatment can be carried out without the use of oils and the client can remain fully dressed.

The massage is carried out with the client seated with their back to you in a comfortable chair In a softly lit, warm room. This treatment is especially beneficial for those people who suffer with back and neck tension or frequent headaches..


reflexology, holistic therapy, haverfordwest, pembrokeshire, rosemarket, twinney chapman
A natural holistic therapy involving the simple technique of working with the thumbs and fingers over specific reflex points and organs that are mapped on the feet and hands. Each body system or organ corresponds to a particular area of the body and by working these in a precise and systematic way we are assisting in the removal of toxins, improved circulation, re-balancing energy pathways and increasing nerve supply, which results in a deeply relaxing treatment as well as a greater feeling of well being.

Price List

Back, Neck & Shoulders: £25 (40 mins)
Full Body Massage: £35 (60 mins)
Back, Neck & Shoulders: £30 (40 mins)
Full Body + Aromatherapy: £45 (70 mins)
INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: £30 (40 mins)
REFLEXOLOGY: £30 (60 mins)


Twinney comes highly recommended. We have been having reflexology and massage for many years. She's a lovely caring professional therapist. The treatments are always very thorough, leaving you feeling relaxed and energise. Just love it!!
Tina & Reg Goddard, Camrose.
In the past I've been to see a herbalist, irologist, had accupuncture treatment, then a friend recommended Twinney with her reflexology treatment. I have now been with her for 6 years and would certainly say that reflexology has proven to be the best treatment for me. Twinney is a professional and caring lady.The Best.
Anne Davies, Herbranston
The treatment we receive from Twinney we find both relaxing and soothing. We look forward to our next appointment as she has such a cheerful manner and we were extremely pleased with the results of reflexology.
Joe & Gaynor Lloyd from Kilgetty
Twinney, your unique treatment soothes ones various aches and pains and provides stress relief, all this while making one feel complete bliss.
Nick Bell from Neyland
Twinney has done reflexology on me a number of times. She is extremely thorough. I've also had aromatherapy massage. Both treatments were carried out to a high standard and I always left feeling very relaxed.
Beth Roberts from Milford Haven
I'd never had a reflexology before and loved it. Very relaxing and thoroughly enjoyed it. The lady was lovely and made it very comfortable. I had discomfort but after treatment was very happy and relaxed.
Sam Green from Burton


20 West Street
Milford Haven
SA73 1JH

You can call me on either 01646 600584 or 07719 541597. Please note, I may be giving a treatment when you call, so please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to do so.

Alternatively you can contact me for a booking using the form below:
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